Global Development Systems, Inc.
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Bridging the Gap Between
Vision and Reality
Global Development Systems, Inc.
Providing Affordable…. Unlimited….. Clean…. Energy around the world that will improve the quality of life and permit us all, finally, to live in harmony with the Earth's environment without the destruction of natural resources.

Global Development Systems Inc. (GDS) plans to bridge the gap between this vision and reality with a suite of energy technologies that uses the natural properties of air and water to produce power that can transform communities around the world into producers and not merely consumers of the electricity and water without consuming any of the earth’s natural resources or any harmful effects to the environment. 
AQuarius Energy  Applications
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Affordable Green Solution to desalinate salt water while producing electricity!
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Electricity Generation:    
Unlimited... Clean ... Energy solution that is economically competitive
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21st Century Community:    
Development of communities that are producers not comsumers of electricity and water
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Fresh Water Distribution:   
Able to pump and distribute water while producing electricity for the community